Plug and Play

Plug and Play

The Covid-19 pandemic not only caused schools and colleges to close down, but the impact was far more on college students, and especially those in the final year of their studies.

As per the curriculum made on recommendations of the AICTE and other relevant authorities, most colleges require their students to complete an internship in their final year in order to gain the credits assigned in the syllabi.

Year of Disruption

Nevertheless, students managed to overcome these obstacles by opting for online internship in India. This method only required both employees and interns to have a stable internet connection and computer device. Even though it took time to adjust, this work-from-home facility suited everyone since it saved unnecessary travel time and even office resources, and ensured the interns and employees remained productive and efficient, while also being held accountable for utilization of their time.


However, there still exist some fields wherein it was tough to offer online internships since hands-on practical application was the absolute necessity for such institutions. This proved to be a tough task especially for courses like engineering and medicine which required in-person application in order to better understand what was taught in theory.


Given the crisis, industry mentors also quickly adapted to the government norms and regulations, and most importantly to make sure education did not come to a standstill, had to improvise and tweak the way of conduction to the online internship. Such assignments were given to students to be completed at home and thus, this went on to offer an effective learning experience.

A Norm in making

Students have, over the past two years, become accustomed to online internships in India, even with their education being catered to online and therefore will soon be more welcoming towards what translates out of their education.

Addressing the Gap

There is evidently no convenient way of addressing the gap, considering how the causality is natural and not a man-made one, reason why improvisation is our best route in most cases.

However, it is noted that in some cases, it is not an option at all. For example, conduction of online internships in India for institutes offering hotel management is not an option since it requires entirely practical learning. Even though the same case follows with engineering and medicine to a large extent, for a while now there appears to be no possibility of a practical solution in order to address or even close the gap.

As of now, the way the situation stands, we need to focus on the merits of this new way of learning, improvise while we are at it, and aim at closing the gap together.

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