HTML as a Medium of Learning and Advancing our Endeavour to Access the Web Efficiently

HTML as a Medium of Learning and Advancing our Endeavour to Access the Web Efficiently

The driving tool

HyperText Markup Language is used to design web pages using a markup language. It is the amalgamation of Hypertext and Markup language. HTML is used by the browser to operate text, images, and other content to display in the desired format.

HTML is used to give the website its structure or base. HTML is treated to be one of the fundamental programming languages as far as the operability in the online webspace is concerned. It helped drive the Technological boom or the dot com boost, and thus contributed to helping us be where we are today.

In today‚Äôs times, it may be considered to be a waning skill by many, but it should be learnt by people who wish to work as Software Developer especially in the Web Development domain, because it’s essential to build a website.


HTML creates a base for a website, it is something you’d need to build a website from the utmost beginning. This is the first step towards learning Web Development. After learning this, one would know how to make a website.

One can easily learn HTML Tutorials for Beginners Online in India various websites. In fact, it is more preferable for us to do it that way as it’s something we can have a quick understanding about when it’s taught on a virtual platform.

The road carved out

In India you can find a lot of courses for HTML which are online. And anyone can take the beginner course without prerequisites. These courses are either paid or unpaid. The unpaid courses can also be considered to be rather decent, and have a lot of topics covered. A good number of unpaid courses also have a certification offered after completing the course.

You can start taking these courses if one has interest in software development. This will help you to create a firm base for the subjects ahead.

These courses will also teach you use of HTML tags that are required to create webpages, to embed videos and audios inside a webpage and all the concepts and techniques that are used to design eye-catching web pages.


There are many advantages in taking this online course. One can also create your own website or start freelancing as a website developer. It’s a good hard skill on your resume as well as a software developer. As it’s a building block, one can try out different web development and machine learning courses for gaining more expertise in the field.

Relatively, it is not a new subject but as there are constantly new technologies which are developing, that is what keeps the subject evergreen. People interested in web development need to do it as a mandatory course.

Many engineers from India, not necessarily from computer science background, also do this course as it’s the need of the hour. The demand for website developers is very high in India and thus increasing the rate of people learning these courses.

Needless to say that a determined, creative mind, willing to craft various prospects of an idea or project onto a website.

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