Benefits of FUE Hair Treatment

Benefits of FUE Hair Treatment

FUE is considered to be the procedure where the follicular units of an individual get extracted by the fine punch either using the motorized machine or manually. Follicle extraction comprises of the small circular incision on the skin of the scalp and for its justification, FUE is now called as Follicular Unit Extraction.

For scalp treatment, the size of the punch usually remains 0.9 to 1 mm whereas for the beard it remains 0.75 mm to 0.8 mm. The tiny holes get recovered by themselves in one or two days. Rapid recovery and a fast healing process in a day or two is the biggest advantage of FUE hair transplant. The better punches quality leaves no visible scar in the donor area either scalp or beard.

Normally, no one would be able to detect the grafts which had been taken from the beard. The stitched are not required and hence there will be no scar on the scalp area. These advantages of FUE transplantation makes it very famous. A person can keep the hair short as he doesn’t have to hide the scar on the back of the scalp.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of improvement in the FUE technique and the punches quality. It has been said that it is not possible to do the mega sessions with the help of FUE and therefore the baldness of grade VII can never be covered with FUE treatment because there’s less availability of a donor and long learning curve.

Also, the procedure takes a lot of time so extracting the 3000 grafts was difficult. But now in the modern world, FUE hair transplant is getting popular because now the ‘N’ number of grafts can be extracted.

The area of the donor is extended to the areas than scalp and therefore unlimited grafts can be taken from beard, scalp, abdomen, chests, and extremities. The grafts will be able to cover the full head in grade VII.

Why choose the treatment of FUE?

Previously, it was recommended that if the scalp laxity is less or the person wants to keep the hairs short then only he should go with this procedure. But now as the punches and techniques are getting advanced, any person can go for an FUE hair transplant. The results come out to be excellent if treated with the help of the best hair transplant surgeon.

Benefits of FUE treatment

  1. The major advantage is it is minor surgery. There will be no suturing, linear cut and therefore there will be stretching sensation. Healing is a faster process so comfort after the operation is more than FUT.
  2. The grafts can easily be taken from the chest, beards, abdomen, and extremities.
  3. The grafts can be picked with various follicles, so the ratio will be much more and the density will be better than FUT.

FUE is the most speedy, accurate and consistent way to get the hair transplant.

FUE procedure comes with less scarring, complications, and downtime. With the advancement in technology, it is better to go with this.

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