Custom Pillow Boxes – A Unique Retail Packaging with an Excellent Presentation

Custom Pillow Boxes – A Unique Retail Packaging with an Excellent Presentation

In the retail market, you can find dozens of different packaging solutions. Even in the domain of packaging boxes, there are so many options and styles you can see. In case if all the styles and types of boxes look the same, I don’t blame you at all as the concept of packaging and shapes of almost all packaging boxes remain the same. However, any style of packaging that is not much common does catch the attention and something that stands out for you. For instance, unique types of packaging boxes like magnetic closure boxes and hexagon boxes stand out from the crowd. Like these two, there are some other styles of boxes as well that have not become mainstream, so the products packed in them always look unique. Pillow boxes are of those not-so-common design packaging boxes that look excellent and have many qualities of excellent packaging.

What Are Pillow Boxes?

When we hear the word box, we think about rectangular or square-shaped packaging. It is because these are the types of boxes we are accustomed to seeing. But pillow boxes have a totally different appeal. As the name suggests, they have a pillow-like appearance that looks excellent.

A box that looks like a pillow is a refreshing concept and a nice break from all the traditional packaging solutions. Because of their unique outlook, these boxes easily stand out for the customers, and the products packed inside easily catch their attention. So, it gives brands every reason to select these boxes as their retail packaging.

Mostly, these boxes are used by jewelry stores and cosmetic brands. The reason for using these boxes by the jewelry and cosmetics industry is because the standards for presentation are very high there. Therefore, using these boxes can be excellent and give their products more chances of making sales.

There are two crucial departments any good retail packaging should cover. These are presentation and durability. Pillow boxes clearly have a superior display and do not need anything in this department. However, durability and sturdiness-wise, these boxes slightly lack behind many some other style of boxes, including mailers and sliders. But the thing is, no packaging is perfect; some offer a better presentation while others have more durability. With that said, it does not mean that these boxes lack durability at all. They are very sturdy and durable. If they were not, makeup brands and jewelry shops would not be using them.

An unpopular opinion from my side is that it is better that these boxes are not as sturdy as mailers and other such styles of boxes. Because if they were, they would have become mainstream as well. So, these boxes are excellent as they are. Apart from packing cosmetics and jewelry, these boxes are excellent for a number of other products as well. You can pack various clothing products, accessories, candies, and many other things. The use of these boxes can give your product such an appeal that always gets noticed by the customers. But on the contrary, pillow boxes are better for display than used for shipping different products. If you ship a product packed inside these boxes, the chances are that your product won’t get damaged.

Like any other packaging solution, to get the most out of your pillow packaging boxes, the ideal approach is to have them custom-made. Having custom packaging made for you gives you the option of selecting everything the way you want.

Custom Pillow Boxes

For your custom pillow boxes, you can select materials, size and dimensions, printing, finishing, and many details. With ready-made boxes, you do not get such freedom of choosing everything the way you want. So, you can have your pillow boxes with many options. 

First, coming to the material option, the first step of the design process is the selection of material. Many things depend on the material you select, like the printing and finishing options and the durability. You can get any durability you desire by choosing the right thickness of the material, but the extent of customizations depends on the nature of the material.

Kraft and cardboard are two excellent packaging materials with distinct qualities. Carboard has a white surface that is excellent for many and finish options, whereas Kraft lacks such extent of customizability but is eco-friendly. So, you can take select from either of the materials.

Getting the right size and dimensions of the packaging is another important thing in the packaging-making process. You can select any height, length, and width you want for your pillow boxes, depending on the requirements of the product.

Printing is where you can have your artwork and many branding details on the packaging. You can not only select what you want on the boxes but how you want as well by selecting the right printing method. To make the presentation complete and exquisite, there are many finish options you can go with as well.

With such freedom and all these options, you can do a lot with your custom pillow packaging boxes.

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