Basics of Concrete Resurfacing

Basics of Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete garage of floors, driveways, sidewalks, or patios that are starting to age can be demolished and removed. Then you have two options. Either pour a new slab, prepare the base and pour it, or you can use a process called resurfacing to bring the slab back to its original beauty.

Sometimes, a concrete slab is too damaged or unstable to be resurfaced. Resurfacing is an option if the problem is only superficial cracking, discoloration, minor chipping, or spalling. Resurfacing is a simple task to do and much more cost-effective than replacing a concrete slab.

Concrete Resurfacer: What is it?

Many concrete mix products are available in the market, including mortars, repair patches, and fast-setting concrete mixes. Concrete resurfacer, a cementitious product, is made from ordinary Portland cement and fine sands. It also contains polymer modifiers and other additives that provide adhesion to existing slabs. Concrete resurfacing is very strong and can last for many years.

Evaluation of a Concrete Slab

Resurfacing can be an option, while the slab is not cracked through all of it and if there are no cosmetic problems. It can be difficult to tell if the slab’s height is offsetting adjacent cracks. It is an indicator that there is major heaving. This slab is not suitable for resurfacing. A slab with chips or cracks in the surface, as well as spalls where fragments of aggregate have fallen off, is a good candidate for resurfacing. There are many concrete companies in Chicago, from where you can buy necessary goods and tools.

Concrete surface

Concrete Resurfacers for Sale

Some concrete resurfacers are only suitable for concrete substrates. Others can also be used to level plywood subfloors and prepare them for flooring. You should use concrete resurfacing if you’re resurfacing the entire slab. This product will be labeled as “concrete surfacer” and not “floor leveler”. There may be both commercial-grade and consumer-grade products. The commercial grades are more durable than the consumer grade.

If you want to get concrete resurfacing done in Chicago, you can buy concrete resurfacing material also. These are available in dry mixes in bags of 40 lb or pails of 50 lb. A 40-pound bag covers approximately 15 to 90 square feet. You usually apply two to three coats.  


Homeowners may attempt to use ordinary mortar, which is cheaper and has a similar consistency as resurfacer. It is not a good idea as mortar lacks the bonding agents and additives that will allow the resurfacer to adhere to the slab. When renewing concrete slabs, it is important to use concrete resurfacing.


For concrete resurfacing, careful preparation is key to long-lasting results. The preparation includes pressure washing the slab and using a quality concrete repair product to fix any damage. If they are not removed before the application, stains may seep through to the resurfacing material.

Application Overview

Concrete resurfacer can be applied in a simple process. The dry powder is mixed in water to create a slurry. This is then spread on the concrete slab with a long-handled spatula. They are self-leveling so you don’t have to work as hard to make a level surface. The resurfacers are easy to spread and pour. Your only job is to make sure that it has been evenly spread across the entire surface. It’s not necessary to trowel to a level surface as when you pour a slab of concrete. It would be better if you hire a good contractor from masonry companies in Chicago.

Important Tips

  1. Resurface a slab that has expansion joints. Cover them with duct tape to prevent the resurfacer extraction to the joints.
  2. Concrete resurfacing should not be used in cold temperatures. The temperature must remain above 40 degrees for the next 24 hours. Work when it’s the most shaded or when the sun is at its lowest. You should also ensure that there is no rain forecast for at most 8 hours following your application.
  3. Concrete resurfacers can only be purchased in one color, which is ordinary grey. They can also be tinted using concrete-specific colorants. It is difficult to match colors if you are resurfacing only a portion of a larger slab. Concrete that is new looks better than old concrete. It’s best to plan to resurface all surfaces if you want them to look brand new.

A second coat is required for most jobs. You can give texture to the finish by brushing it with your broom while it’s still slightly damp.

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