Artificial Intelligence(AI) The future of technology

Artificial Intelligence(AI) The future of technology

Artificial Intelligence: A Fiction changed into reality

There was a time when Artificial intelligence was only seen as fiction but today everything has changed and fiction now has become a life-changing reality. We are living in a world that has been transitioned totally with the help of Artificial Intelligence and it has indeed changed the way our daily routine or rituals have been.

If you look closely at your daily routine then you’ll find that every activity that you are performing now from delivered to deciding your plans with Alexa/Siri and similar tasks are highly incorporated by artificial intelligence.

But the question that constantly bugs the mind is that has AI positively impacted us?

Well, let’s find out!

Impact of artificial intelligence and how it has brought changes in society

The fact cannot be denied that artificial intelligence is an integral part of our society and it is going to be an integral part of the future as well. Let us find out how artificial intelligence has impacted the overall growth of our society:


One of the most prominent changes that AI has made in the world is healthcare and treatments are far better now than it was in the past. Now with the help of AI, any medical condition can be diagnosed faster and even get a faster cure by providing adequate help and monitoring. With the improvement in artificial intelligence, the technology associated with health and medical facilities has made significant changes in the Healthcare field.

Lifestyle and seamless privacy:

In today’s world, it is more about the lifestyle and luxury that human wants to experience. As humans, we tend to yearn for a better Lifestyle each pay and that is only possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

With the help of AI, it is become easier to solve problems as AI algorithms can help in detecting any kind of fraud, Cybercrimes, and other risks related to transactions quite conveniently which has made it easier for businesses to grow and also people to do transaction hassle-free.


What is common today when it comes to AI? Well, it is automation. Every particular business that is operating today shows AI for better productivity and Management in  business for which automation is quite mundane. This particular function of AI indeed the most beneficial as it helps in managing things.


One of the most common things that we experience today is that whenever we tend to buy something we look for options that are common to our taste and preferences and thus comes “personalization”. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can get a different kinds of options when it comes to doing any kind of work or even conducting our daily life.

Changing preferences:

If we look in a wider spectrum then artificial intelligence has indeed changed the perspectives and preferences of today’s society if you look in the present situation then it would not be easier to know more about the pandemic situation and bear it without the help of artificial intelligence.

How is artificial intelligence going to impact the future?

As we have already mentioned here in the blog and we are still supporting the fact that in the next decade the artificial intelligence is going to be more promising than it is today. Let us find out how is artificial intelligence going to impact the future:

  • The future artificial intelligence is going to make business manageable and tree with reachability with the help of smart monitoring,  feedbacks and also reducing time in various tasks.
  • The engagement with artificial intelligence of people is going to trees and will lead to successful exposure and engagement in the future with this it will become easier in deriving data and get solutions for the problems.

AI and the job opportunities in future

One thing that has bothered people across the globe is that will AI take away the job opportunities from a human?

Well, that is not the case. If we look at the statistics from the past then we will find out that AI has indeed created more job opportunities for humans and it will continue to do that in the future also. As per a recent report divided by the world economic forum, it is expected that about 58 million new jobs related to artificial intelligence will be increased by the end of the year 2022.


The future of artificial intelligence is near and it is indeed going to change the way the world is today. We as humans thermostat adapting to the changes and so will we in the future. But if you we prepare the generation by providing proper education and training regarding AI today then there will be a better tomorrow with people getting relevant job opportunities by upskilling themselves by taking artificial intelligence courses. With artificial intelligence the world is going to change  soon and we need to be prepared to get the best out of it.

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